ULS coursework is consistently a grade ahead of area public schools and is adjusted to make sure each individual student is academically challenged. Our teachers create an inspiring environment where students are confident in their ability to achieve academic excellence. Our individualized learning experience emphasizes character development and respect for the individual.

CHALLENGING ACADEMICS Academics at University Lake School

Students at ULS apply critical thinking skills to the knowledge they acquire, going far beyond the mere memorization of facts. Our students become lifelong learners capable of analyzing new situations, relating new information to what they already know, and thinking critically and creatively to solve problems and improve processes.

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Academics at University Lake School

independent thinking at University Lake School INDEPENDENT THINKING

Teachers encourage students to make sense of the world based on their own experiences. As students show an interest in a particular topic, they explore the topic in depth, in their own way. ULS promotes students to ask questions and find answers using a variety of tools and resources. Teachers reinforce that experimentation is part of effective problem solving. ULS students have the ability to discern what they hear, see and believe, preparing them to become innovative and thoughtful adults.

HANDS-ON LEARNING hands-on learning at University Lake School

At ULS, we help our students generate knowledge through connecting experiences and ideas. Students learn by doing and taking an active role in the learning process in ways that are personally significant and engaging to them. When intellect, senses, feelings and personality are involved in the learning process, concepts become deeply embedded in the learner’s knowledge base.

Hands on Learning at University Lake School
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leadership skills at University Lake School LEADERSHIP SKILLS

Leaders are individuals who are passionate, show integrity, inspire others and have strong initiative. The ULS culture, traditions and curriculum foster these traits in our students. Students are expected to be actively engaged and often take the lead. In addition, ULS provides all students with opportunities and encouragement to practice servant leadership. Servant leadership emphasizes collaboration, trust, empathy and the ethical use of power. The individual is a servant first, making the conscious decision to lead for the betterment of the group or community. The emphasis on leadership at ULS helps our graduates become self-actualized adults who navigate the world in a mindful and compassionate manner.



University Lake School delivers an incomparable education driven by high standards and a unique approach to learning. From preschool to high school, we offer our students challenging academics combined with independent thinking and hands-on learning.

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ULS is accredited and reviewed by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) and National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). ULS is the only independent accredited Preprimary through 12th grade school in Waukesha County. Accreditation is a review process that enlists outside experts to validate a school’s mission, philosophy, programs, staff qualifications, services and more. Accreditation ensures that we continually examine our performance and make improvements based on the findings.