The ULS theatre program encourages students to discover their own talents and abilities to communicate through dramatic arts.

Dramatic performances are interwoven into everyday curriculum. Students use drama as a way to demonstrate an understanding of specific academic content, as well as become accustomed to speaking in front of an audience.

5th and 6th Grade
Students explore theatre and presentation techniques through rehearsed and spontaneous improvisation. They learn stage direction, vocal production, physical movement on stage and character creation.

7th and 8th Grade
Theatre class is required. In 7th grade, students focus on technical elements that comprise a production, such as set, costume and lighting design. In 8th grade, students choose a play that they transform into a formal theatrical production. The classes then come together to perform for the entire ULS community.

Theatre class is offered as an elective that meets three times weekly. This class delves into theatre at a much deeper level, studying a variety of genres and history. Students will fine-tune their acting skills and focus more intensely on character development.

In addition, the Theatre Department offers two extracurricular opportunities to participate in large-scale productions each year, one of which is a musical.

Arsenic and Old LaceLittle Shop of Horrorsour townUniversity Lake School to put on “High School Musical”‘Sherlock Holmes’ makes appearance at ULSUniversity Lake School to put on “The Wizard of Oz”
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