A semester-long program for 5th to 8th graders — and a brilliantly fun way to learn!

leadership through music

Encouraging leadership & personal development

The Pine Rock Studios program goes beyond music and guides students through an exercise in leadership and personal development. Our 5th through 8th grade students must navigate complex group dynamics; practice good listening and communication skills; and learn how to advocate for their opinion while also learning to compromise. A final on-stage performance is a great motivator to encourage students to come together as a band and work through interpersonal complexities.

A performance for peers, teachers and families.

Students divide themselves into bands and decide what role each person will play in the band (vocals, guitar, drummer, etc.). Students then pick a band name and song to learn and rehearse. Students do not need musical experience and reading music is not necessary. Music is learned through listening to the recording, to each other and themselves. Students listen, negotiate and collaborate until they are playing their song. Pine Rock Studios is based on the educational philosophy and brand of Mark Galbo’s Rock and Roll Academy (RRA). Founded in 2003 in Telluride, Colorado, RRA is a project-based social emotional learning curriculum that has served more than 5,000 students in eight states. RRA promotes creativity, self-expression and autonomy through student voice and student choice.

pine rock band performance