Intersession is a year-long opportunity for hands-on, experiential learning in small groups, across grade levels. All Upper School students choose one area of study and meet once a month for an entire day to explore their passion for learning.

ULS student wins Global Citizen Scholarship


Each year the faculty offers a variety of non-traditional subjects that are guided by student interests, while remaining connected to our curriculum. Some Intersession opportunities incorporate a trip during spring break to allow more in-depth exposure to the subject matter.

Intersession opportunities in the past have included:

  • Language, Science and Adventure in Chile
  • Art and Culture of France
  • Cosplay: Sewing and Costume Design
  • All About Architecture
  • Camping Through the Seasons and Environmental Issues of Wisconsin
  • The A-Z of World Religions
  • Boat Building
  • Stress No More
  • New York City – Broadway and the Art of Theatre


This rewarding Intersession experience clears the way for our community of students and teachers to explore their passion for learning together in small groups, crossing age and grade levels.

Not only are our students offered a broad range of hands-on learning experiences, our faculty engage in an opportunity to teach an array of non-traditional subjects.

A student’s ideas and interests from current studies, personal curiosities and the world at large allow them to collaborate with teachers and guide the course offerings from year to year while still connecting to our curriculum.

Intersession boat building