Fall Leadership Trips

The primary goal of the ULS Leadership Program is to help students develop leadership as an authentic and natural expression of their personal character.

student leadership canoe trip

Leadership is the expression of character.


Every fall, 9th through 11th graders spend four days in the Northwoods of Wisconsin to develop skills in leadership, character, communication and teamwork. Activities include canoeing, backpacking, ropes courses and more.

During this time, the 12th graders participate in a week of servant leadership by volunteering their time to service sites in the community.

The students spend their time working and engaging together in experiences designed to create a strong sense of community.

The Seven Core Principles of the ULS Leader:

1. Character

The core values and moral behavior of the leader. He or she does what is right.

2. Commitment

The dedication of one’s self in service to others. Test.

3. Cause

The choice of an action upon a dream, project or vision that is meaningful and beneficial to the community.

4. Collaboration

The respectful sharing of ideas. The ability to compromise and work well with others toward a common vision.

5. Communication

The ability to be a generous listener, as well as an articulate writer and speaker.

6. Competence

The passion for life-long learning, nurturance of creative development and the ability to form and execute realistic plans.

7. Critical Reflection

The ability to evaluate one’s self and others to identify strengths and weaknesses.