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Current Community Events

Bronner, Mark


Mark E Bronner, Room 411
Math Department Chairman, Chess Club and Softball Coach;  367 6011 x 2411

Advanced Placement Calculus, Probability and Statistics, Geometry, and Algebra 1

MS: UW-Madison in Educational Administration
BS: UW-Madison in Math Education

Hello ULS Students and Parents!

Welcome to Uncle Mark’s class! Thank you for deciding to learn with me this year.  Who am I? Thanks for asking.  Here’s a brief timeline:

1966: Born in Milwaukee, WI to two educators. Everyone teaches in the Bronner family; it’s genetic.
1973: The two cutest girls in 3rd grade played the flute, so I decided to give it a try.
1974-1980: Took a lot of heat for being a male flute player
Summers 1978-1982: Went to Southern California to help make Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap and work at conventions.
1984: Graduated from Menomonee Falls North’s final class; I think they closed because of us.
1987: Took up the guitar; less baggage
1988: BS in math education from UW-Madtown
1989: Taught at McFarland High; go Spartans
1990: MS in Educational Administration; began the ULS journey alongside Mr. Dolan; we even look the same age.
1994: Got married on a cruise ship by my father-in-law, Pastor Scheck
1998-2006: My lovely and graceful wife Amy delivered 5 kids (we really celebrate Labor Day); it’s all a blur
2014: Lydia Grace leaves for Grace College
2015: Year 26, wow; should be a great one!

Here are general expectations for all of my classes.  Please memorize these during your free time:


  • A stomach filled with a nutritious breakfast
  • Consistency and a desire to excel
  • 2 pencils (please don’t use pens on homework or tests)
  • A 70+ page notebook and a folder exclusively devoted to math
  • A scientific calculator for Algebra and Geometry, and a TI-84 for Pre-Calculus, Statistics, and AP Calculus
  • A laptop loaded with Graphmatica and Statdisk software


  • Complete the nightly 20-40 minute assignments; check all odd answers in the back
  • Review notes, reread sections, master pre-tests, prepare notecards, and actively study for the mid-chapter and chapter quests
  • Prepare weeks in advance for the cumulative final exam.
  • Actively participate in class discussions, show eye contact, and ask questions

My three grades are A, B, or “C me”


You’ll never have to ask, “Hey, Mr. B., do we have homework today?” To hone your skills and improve your problem solving abilities, exercises will be given on a daily basis. The homework will be graded on a 2-point scale. If you try all of the problems and show your work, you’ll earn a 2. Completing 75% of the assignment earns a 1. Late work will be penalized approximately 10% per day, with a maximum downgrade of 50%. Assignments more than 2 weeks late earn 0%. Be your best!

Extra Help:

I am available during my prep periods and right after school. Please make an appointment with me if you don’t understand a concept, especially on days before quests. In addition, use peer tutoring. If Mr. Smith or Mrs. Debbink are available, use their superb talents, too. Please seek extra help before quests to clear up any misconceptions. The only poor question is the one left unasked. Really.


I need you to be in class each day. You need you to be in class each day. The information and discussion that occur in room 411 are nearly invaluable. In the event that you miss a day, you must

  1. A) read the section and/or obtain the notes from a talented fellow mathlete
  2. B) complete the assignment and show it to me the following day
  3. C) make up a missed quiz or test upon your return
  4. D) see Captain Smyczek and me well before any planned absence

    Grace 2 U All,

Mark E Bronner