Current Community Events

6-8 P.M.

Learn more about how our educational approach is comprised of challenging academics, independent thinking, hands-on learning and leadership skills along with a robust arts and athletic program. Our belief is that every student has an untapped brilliance that simply needs to be cultivated!

The ULS Theatre Department is proud to present the fall play, “Arsenic and Old Lace.” The play will run in the Treiber Theater from November 2-4. Tickets are on sale now: $8 online, $10 at the door. Buy tickets now.

Personal Tours are also available any time. Contact Mrs. Angie Wenger, Director of Admissions at (262) 367-6011, ext. 1455 or to schedule a tour.

Current Community Events


Introduction to Numbers:

  • Count 1 to 30
  • 1:1 Correspondence
  • Writing Numerals 1 to 10
  • Recognition of Numbers 1 to 12
  • Ordination


  • Introduction to Concept of Addition


  • Exposure to Concept of Subtraction

Exposure to Problem-Solving Strategies

Exposure to Graphing Concepts

Introduction to Sorting

Recognize, Create and Extend Simple Patterns


  • Mastery of 2D Shapes
  • Exposure to 3D Shapes
  • Introduction to Spatial Relationships


  • Introduction to Length and Weight
  • Introduction to Capacity
  • Introduction to Calendar Skills
  • Developing Ability to Use Comparative Words
  • Exposure to Sense of Time


  • Exposure to Coins

Developing Understanding of Positional Words



  • Introduction to the Scientific Method
  • Introduction to Simple Tools
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Tweezers
  • Technology

Earth Science: Understanding of the Earth’s Properties and the Processes that Affect the Earth

  • Introduction to Observing and Describing Simple Seasonal and Weather Changes

Life Science: Understanding Characteristics of Life and Relationships of Living Things:

  • Introduction to Observing and Describing Characteristics of Living Things
  • Introduction to the Basic Needs of Living Things
  • Introduction to Life Cycles

Physical Science: Understanding the Properties and Motions of Objects and Energy:

  • Introduction to Identifying, Describing and Comparing Properties of Objects

Social Studies

History: Understanding People Past and Present

  • Introduction to Family Structures
  • Develop Understanding of Characteristics of Self
  • Introduction to Characteristics of Others

Citizenship and Government:

  • Exposure to the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Introduction to School and Class Rules
  • Exposure to Leadership within ULS


  • Introduction to Concept of Homes and Other Familiar Places
  • Exposure to Concept of City and State
  • Introduction to Diversity


  • Introduction to Service Projects and the Benefits
  • Introduction to Philanthropy

Language Arts


  • Mastery of Upper Case Letter Identification
  • Developing Consistent Recognition of Lower Case Letters
  • Introduction to Sounds of Letters
  • Developing Phonological Awareness
  • Introduction of Phonemic Awareness
  • Developing Concepts of Print
  • Exposure to Storyline
  • Exposure to Comprehension Skills and Strategies
  • Exposure of Various Genre
  • Dramatic Retelling of Stories


  • Developing Pencil Grip
  • Developing Drawing Skills
  • Developing Letter Formation
  • Introduction to Formation of Words
  • Developing Storytelling Skills


  • Exposure to Vocabulary within Context
  • Introduction to Grammar within Context

Speaking and Listening:

  • Developing Presentation Skills
  • Developing Speaking Skills within a Group
  • Developing Listening within a Group
  • Introduction to Following Multi-Step Directions

Studio Art

Introduction to Materials

  • Exposure to Mixing Acrylic ,Tempera and Watercolor Painting
  • Relate Drawing to Mark-making
  • Introduction to Basic Drawing Materials such as Pencil, Pen, Pastel, Charcoal and Marker
  • Introduction to Observational Drawing Techniques
  • Exposure to Working with Clay and Basic Clay Tools
  • Exposure to Working with Scissors to Cut Paper
  • Exposure to Techniques with Glue, Glue Stick, etc.
  • Exposure to Art in Relationship to Self
  • Exposure to Art in Relationship to Story
  • Exposure to Art with Themes
  • Exposure to Other Art Media
  • Exposure to Using One’s Own Ideas to Make Art

Physical Education


  • Rules
  • Sportsmanship


  • Jump Rope
  • Rubber Balls
  • Parachute
  • Scooters
  • Hula Hoops
  • Bean Bags

Balance and Control

Movement to Music

Practice Movement: Skip, Hop, Jump, Gallop

Theatre Fine Arts


  • Dramatization of Stories
  • Exploring through Process Drama
  • Storytelling



  • Exposure to Expressing Preferences
  • Exposure to Masculine & Feminine
  • Exposure to Singular/Plural Nouns


  • Exposure to Greetings
  • Exposure to Numbers 1-20 in and out of Sequence


  • Exposure to Colors
  • Exposure to Seasons & Nature-related Words & Songs
  • Exposure to Feelings
  • Exposure to Foods We Eat at Snack & Lunch
  • Exposure to Animals & Insects
  • Exposure to Immediate Family
  • Exposure to Clothing
  • Exposure to Parts of the Body
  • Exposure to Shapes
  • Exposure to Opposites
  • Exposure to Polite Expressions
  • Exposure to Topics Related to Classroom Investigations
  • Exposure to Traditions
  • Exposure to Familiar Children’s Literature


  • School-wide Study TBA Annually
  • Traditional Hispanic Holiday Celebrations



  • Introduction to Use of Educational Apps
  • Introduction to Taking Photos
  • Introduction to iMovies
  • Exposure to Photo-taking



  • Introduction to the Five Senses and their Functions
  • Introduction to How to Prevent or Reduce the Risk of Colds and Sickness by Using Basic Hygiene Techniques
  • Developing an Understanding of Rules that Help Keep us Safe in School and on the Playground
  • Developing an Understanding of Who You Should go to for Help at School
  • Developing an Understanding of Choosing a Healthy Snack to Stay Healthy
  • Exposure to Concept of an Active Life Leads to a Healthy Life

Formative Assessments


  • Observations
  • Slick Boards
  • Small Group Work with Teacher
  • 1-to-1 Assessments
  • Weekly Journaling
  • Portfolio Reflection
  • Anecdotal Records