Current Community Events

Register now for Spring 2019 Laker Playgroup. This hands-on play group meets on Wednesdays starting January 23 through May 15 from 9-11 a.m.

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The ULS Fine Arts Department will perform “Guys and Dolls” February 15-17 and 26-28. Tickets go on sale Friday, December 21.

Personal Tours are also available any time. Contact Mrs. Angie Wenger, Director of Admissions at (262) 367-6011, ext. 1455 or to schedule a tour.

Current Community Events


Mastery of Numbers:

  • Value 0-100
  • Skip Count by 2s, 5s, 10s
  • Sense
  • Order
  • Odd and Even
  • Formation
  • Words
  • One-to-One Correspondence
  • Developing Estimation
  • Developing Place Value 0-100+


  • Mastery of Concept of Addition
  • Developing Sums to 20
  • Developing Strategies
  • Developing Story Problem Concepts
  • Introduction to 2-Digit Addition


  • Developing Concept of Subtraction
  • Developing Strategies
  • Developing Story Problem Concepts

Developing Problem-Solving Strategies

Introduction to Graphing Concepts

Developing Bar Graph Concepts


  • Developing Shapes in 3D
  • Developing Symmetry
  • Introduction to Congruence

Introduction to Concepts of Fractions

Introduction to Probability


  • Developing Understanding of Capacity and Weight
  • Developing Standard Measurement
  • Developing Telling Time to Nearest Minute
  • Mastery of Telling Time to Quarter Hour
  • Mastery of Calendar Skills


  • Developing Coin Values
  • Developing Addition of Values



  • Active Investigation Using Scientific Method
  • Tools and Technology
  • Exposure to the History of Science

Earth Science: Understanding of the Earth’s Properties and the Processes that Affect the Earth

  • Investigations:
    • Developing Weather, Water Cycle
    • Developing Seasons
    • Introduction to Human Influence on Earth

Life Science: Understanding Characteristics of Life and Relationships of Living Things:

  • Investigations:
    • Developing Concept of Living/Nonliving
    • Introduction to Plant and Animal Kingdoms
    • Developing Life Cycles

Physical Science: Understanding the Properties and Motions of Objects and Energy:

  • Investigations:
    • Introduction to the Properties of Heat and Light
    • Introduction to the States of Matter

Social Studies

History: Understanding People Past and Present

  • Introduction to Concept of History
  • Introduction to Concept of Community
  • Introduction to Factors that Influence Communities
  • Introduction to Patriotic Celebrations
  • Exposure to Historical Timeline

Citizenship and Government:

  •  Developing an Understanding for the Purpose of Rules, Laws and Responsible Citizenship
  • Developing an Understanding of the Qualities of Leadership


  • Developing Concepts of City, State, Country, and Continents in Relation to the United States
  • Introduction to Basic Map Skills
  • Developing Understanding of Diversity
  • Introduction to Different Ways People Live


  • Developing Concepts of Money in Society
  • Exposure to Concept of Producers and Consumers
  • Introduction to Concept of Reliance on Each Other for Goods and Services
  • Developing of Service Projects and the Benefits
  • Developing Awareness of Philanthropy

Language Arts


  • Mastery of Short Vowels, Consonant Sounds, Consonant Blends
  • Developing Digraphs
  • Introduction of Vowel Pairs, Affixes
  • Mastery of High Frequency Words
  • Introduction of Fluency, Developing Accuracy
  • Introduction of Comprehension Strategies and Skills
  • Introduction to Poetry, Fiction, Expository Genres
  • Exposure to Genres of Historical Fiction, Biography, Fables, Tales


  • Mastery of Pencil Grip
  • Developing D’Nealian Printed Handwriting
  • 6+1 Writing Process
    • Introduction of Sentence Structure and Paragraph Formation
    • Genres: Introduction to Expository, Narrative, Friendly Letter, Fiction
  • Exposure to Note-taking Skills
  • Developing Research Skills


  • Introduction to Vocabulary in Context and Content
  • Introduction to Grammar Usage and Skills
    • Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adjective, Preposition, Conjunction, Possessives
  • High Frequency Words
  • Spelling Lists
  • Developing Spelling within Context

Speaking and Listening:

  • Developing Public Speaking Skills through Presentations in Assembly and Classroom

Intro. of Collaborative Conversation through Topic Studies

Studio Art


  • Exposure to the Proper Use of the Art Elements within Original Work (Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Form, Perspective)
  • Developing Skills to Add to Vocabulary of Mark-making in Drawing
  • Developing New Skills in Collaborative Projects
  • Developing Skill in Use of Tools and Clay Manipulation Techniques to Create 3D Work
  • Developing Observational Drawing Skills
  • Using Personal Experiences as a Way to Explore Their Immediate Environment
  • Understanding the Difference Between Line and Shape
  • Recognizes that Shapes Can Be Combined to Create Visual Interest in a Work of Art
  • Analyzing How Artists Use Various Materials and Tools for Specific and Experimental Purposes
  • Demonstrating Appropriate Use of Materials and Tools in a Project
  • Developing an Understanding That Art Is Created in Every Culture throughout the World
  • Analyzing Works of Art Based on Similarities/Differences



  • Courtesy and Manners
  • Listening Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Tolerance to Differences
  • Introductory Interpersonal Skills
  • Review of Expressing Feelings and Anger Management
  • Review of Safety (Strangers and Accidents)
  • Exploring Virtues (e.g. Obedience, Patience)
  • Practice and Application of Learning in Experiential Activities

Physical Education


  • Rules
  • Sportsmanship
  • Self-control
  • Listening & Following Directions


  • Foam Balls: Basketballs, Soccer Balls, Volleyballs, Wiffle Balls, Rubber Playground Balls
  • Jump Ropes
  • Speed Stack Cups
  • Bowling Pins

Basic Movement:

  • Locomotor Skills
  • Non-Locomotor Skills
  • Striking Skills
  • Balance
  • Low Organized Games
  • Rock Climbing

Theater Fine Arts


  • Dramatize Stories
  • Dramatic Reading
  • Readers’ Theatre
  • Process Drama
  • Storytelling



  • Exposure to Speaking Short Sentences in Present Tense
  • Using Verbs Related to Learned Vocabulary
  • Exposure to Subject Gender and Agreement of Articles
  • Exposure to Adjectives
  • Exposure to Plurals

Content: (Developing)

  • Review and Expand Upon Previous Vocabulary:
    • Greetings
    • Color words
    • Time of Day
    • Days of the Week
    • Pets
    • Big/Small
    • Numbers 1-30 and Number Words Uno-Quince
    • Parts of the Face
    • Emotions and Conditions
    • Other Topics Related to Classroom Studies
    • Seasonal & Familiar Songs
    • Children’s Literature


  • School-wide Study TBA Annually
  • Traditional Hispanic Holiday Celebrations


Computer and iPads

  • Use of Educational Apps and Programs
  • Introduction to Digital Photography:
    • Light Tent
    • Close-up Techniques
    • Photo Editing – Waterlogue
    • Image Manipulation- WordFoto
  • Introduction to Log-on and Shutdown Procedures
  • Introduction to Accessing the Internet
    • Introduction to Google Search
  • Word Processing
    • Use of Shift Key for Capitalization
    • Use of Arrows and Tab Keys
  • Presentation
    • Use of Technology as Presentation Aid

Use of Technological Tools:

  • Stereoscope
  • Video Camera Scope

Coding on Scratch Jr.

  • Introduction to Triggering Blocks
  • Introduction to Motion Blocks
  • Introduction to Looks Blocks



  • Mastery of the Five Senses, Their Functions and How They Help Us
  • Developing an Understanding of How to Prevent or Reduce the Risk of Contracting a Communicable Disease by Using Basic Hygiene Techniques
  • Developing an Understanding that Exercise Helps Us Stay Healthy
  • Developing an Understanding of How to Eat Healthy
  • Developing an Understanding of How Home Activities Can Influence Fitness and Healthy Living
  • Developing an Understanding of Emergency Situations, Such as Tornado and Fire, and How to Respond

Formative Assessments


  • Slick Boards
  • Problem of the Day
  • KWL
  • Observations
  • Reflections
  • Small Group Work with Teacher
  • Checklists and Rubrics
  • Daily Writing Assessments
  • Writing Prompts
  • Fountas & Pinnell Reading Assessments
  • Homework
  • Quizzes/Tests