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Register now for Spring 2019 Laker Playgroup. This hands-on play group meets on Wednesdays starting January 23 through May 15 from 9-11 a.m.

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The ULS Fine Arts Department will perform “Guys and Dolls” February 15-17 and 26-28. Tickets go on sale Friday, December 21.

Personal Tours are also available any time. Contact Mrs. Angie Wenger, Director of Admissions at (262) 367-6011, ext. 1455 or to schedule a tour.

Current Community Events


Pre-Calculus Review:

  • Function Families and Trigonometry

Master the Following Graphically, Verbally, Numerically and Algebraically:

  • Limits: Definition, Calculations and Applications
  • Derivatives: Instant Rate of Change
  • Derivative Applications
    • Graphing Curves, Related Rates, Optimization, Distance, Velocity, Acceleration
    •  MVT
    • Newton’s Method
    • Linearization
  • Integration and the Anti-Derivative
  • Applying the Integral
    • Area, Volume
    • Acceleration, Velocity, Position
    • Curve Length
    • Surface Area



  • What is Geology?
  • Igneous Rocks
  • Sedimentary Rocks
  • Metamorphic Rocks
  • Ground Water
  • Glaciation


AP Physics

  • Mechanics & Statics
  • Rotational Dynamics
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Waves & Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Electricity & Magnetism

AP Chemistry

  • Chemistry Concepts with Additional Complexity and Application
  • Liquids and Solids
  • Solution Chemistry
  • Kinetics
  • Equilibria
    • Acid-Base, Buffers
    • Solubility
  • Spontaneity, Free Energy, Entropy, Electrochemistry

Upper School Social Studies

AP European History


  • Early Civilizations: Mesopotamia, China, Egypt
  • Greece
  • Rome
  • World Religions
  • Rise of Europe
  • Middle Ages
  • Crusades
  • Renaissance
  • Reformation
  • Age of Exploration

Citizenship and Government

  • Government Systems
    • Tribal Mentality, Democracy, Dictatorship, Monarchy
  • Geography


  • Settlement Patterns
  • Impacts on Warfare
  • Resources
  • Asia, The Americas, Europe


  • Trade
  • Types of Economy


  • Supply/Demand
  • Elasticity
  • Market Failures
  • Production Costs
  • Four Types of Firms:
    • Perfect Competition
    • Monopolistic Competition
    • Oligopoly
    • Monopoly
  • Resource Demand
  • GDP and Economic Growth
  • Aggregate Demand and Supply

World History II


  • European and Asian Interactions
  • A Pandemic of Global Revolutions
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The Rise of Nationalism and the Age of Imperialism
  • The Great War and the Road to Another War
  • The Second World War
  • Genocide in the 20th Century
  • Cold War
  • Independence Movements during the Mid-20th Century
    • Middle East Conflicts
    • Globalization

Citizenship and Government:

  • Government Systems
    • Absolutism
  • Nation Building
    • Italy, Germany, Russia
    • Revolution


  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa


  • Globalization
  • Industry
  • Economic Systems
    • Mercantilism, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism

US History


  • Colonization
  • Revolution
  • New Republic
  • Manifest Destiny
  • Rise to the Civil War/Civil War
  • Reconstruction
  • Race Relations/Civil Rights/Native Americans
  • World War I
  • Gilded Age/1920s/Prohibition
  • Women’s Rights
  • Great Depression and World War II
  • Current Events

Citizenship and Government:

  • Bill of Rights
  • Legislative Process
  • Constitutional Amendments
  • Powers of Branches of Government


  • North American


  • Supply and Demand
  • Bear vs Bull Markets
  • Depression vs Recession
  • Credit Purchasing Power
  • Unionization

AP Human Geography


  • More Developed Countries (MDC) vs Less Developed Countries (LDC)


  • Population Pattern Shifts in Districts and Countries over Time
  • Population Issues: Overpopulation in LDCs vs MDCs

Gender Studies

World Religions:

  • Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Tribal Beliefs and Practices
  • Religious Buildings and Impact on Local and Global Communities


  • Types of Farming and Industries
  • Hunting-Gathering vs Seed Cultivation
  • Subsistence & Commercial Farming
  • Pastoral Nomadism
  • The Green Revolution & Modern Agriculture

Resource Issues

Interpretations of Maps:

  • Thematic, Electoral, GPS/GIS, Reference, Mental

Urban Patterns:

  • City Planning and Suburbanization
  • Central Business Districts (CBD) in the US & around the World
  • Public Transportation
  • Motor Vehicle Ownership & Issues

Language Arts

Contemporary Literature


  • Modern Historical Fiction
  • Mystery with Emphasis on Special-Needs Characters
  • Short Stories – “The Essay”
  • Drama Regarding Civil Rights
  • Memoir
  • Nonfiction


  • Creative Writing
  • Memoir
  • Thematic and Literary Analysis
  • Genre Analysis


  • Individual and Group Presentations

AP Literature and Composition

  • Sample Literature from 17th to 21st Centuries (i.e. “From Shakespeare to Moore”), Analyzing Language, Themes, Structure, Style
  • Master Literary Elements Such as the Use of Figurative Language, Imagery, Symbolism and Tone
  • Historical Contexts that Provide Knowledge of Social, Religious and Political Values That are Reflected in Works
  • Written Critical Analysis of Literature including Expository, Analytical and Argumentative Essays, as well as Creative Writing to Sharpen Understanding of Various Writers’ Accomplishments and Deepen Appreciation of Literary Artistry
  • Vocabulary of Literary Terms, Periods and Genres.
  • Practice for the AP Literature and Composition Exam

Studio Art

Advanced Digital Photography

  • Concentration
  • Quality
  • Expression
  • Visual Concepts
  • Advanced Techniques
  • In-depth Exploration in a Particular Idea
  • Process of Sustained Investigation
  • Development of a Visual Language
  • Written Commentary
  • Cultural and Historical Perspective
  • Objective Critique Skills


Leadership Skills:

  • Study Greenleaf’s Model of the Servant Leader
  • Examine Covey’s Tenets of the Principle-Centered Leader
  • Research Local, National and Global Service Organizations
  • Conduct an Ethnographic Study of a Not-for-Profit Organization
  • Complete a Senior Service Project
  • Enhance Critical Reflection Skills through Journaling

College Planning:

  • Attend College Visits to ULS and Local College Fairs
  • Establish a Timeline for the College-Application Process
  • Generate a College Short List
  • Create a Resume
  • Draft Formal Copies of College Application and Scholarship Essays
  • Examine Financial-Aid Opportunities and Procedures
  • Discuss the Formal College-Choice Process
  • Identify and Review College-Transition and Survival Skills

Senior Project:

  • Generate and Organize Ideas
  • Contract the Project with the Appropriate Sponsors
  • Write a Formal Proposal
  • Conduct Scholarly Research
  • Execute a Field Study
  • Create and Give an Oral Presentation

Physical Education


  • Rules
  • Sportsmanship
  • Teamwork


  • Assorted Sizes & Types of Balls
  • Softball Bats
  • Tennis Racquets, Racquetball Racquets, Pickleball Paddles, Speedbird Racquets
  • Lacrosse Sticks

Students Will Be Able to Demonstrate Mastery in the Skills of the Following Activities:

  • Badminton
  • Dance
  • Fitness
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Nitroball
  • Racquetball
  • Softball
  • Team Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Table Tennis
  • Starball
  • Eclipse
  • Tchouckball
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Rock Climbing and Bouldering
  • Basketball
  • Distance Running
  • Football
  • Pickleball
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Speedball
  • Tennis
  • Weight Training
  • Speedbird
  • Peteka
  • Track and Field
  • Tsegball
  • Snowshoe

Theater Fine Arts

Upper School Theater Class

  • Students construct imaginative scripts and collaborate with actors to refine scripts so that story and meaning are conveyed to an audience.
  • Students analyze the physical, emotional, and social dimensions of characters found in dramatic texts from various genres and media.
  • Students compare and demonstrate various classical and contemporary acting techniques and methods
  • Students in an ensemble, create and sustain characters that communicate with audiences.
  • Students explain the basic physical and chemical properties of the technical aspects of theatre (such as lighting, sound, props, set design, costume design and stage makeup).
  • Students analyze a variety of dramatic texts from cultural and historical perspectives Students analyze and critique the whole and the parts of dramatic performances, taking into account the context, and constructively suggest alternative artistic choices.

Spanish 4/5


  • Subjunctive (Developing)
    • Present (Developing)
    • Present Perfect (Introduction)
    • Imperfect (Introduction)
    • Pluperfect (Introduction)
    • Imperative Tense – All Variations (Developing)


  • Legend of the Volcanoes: Itzaccihuatl y Popocatpetl
  • Virgin of Guadalupe
  • Cesar Chavez
  • Federico Garcia Lorca & Bodas de Sangre


  • Mexican Artists (Developing)
  • Field Trip to National Museum of Mexican Art and Walking Tour of Pilsen Neighborhood Murals in Chicago
  • Las Corridas (Traditional Mexican Ballads)