Distance Learning

Thanks to small class sizes and strong teacher-student relationships, our school community continues to thrive in distance learning. Our teachers and students work together to keep the high level of academic excellence that our families expect — in and out of the classroom. See what we are doing in each division below.


Our talented teachers work closely with students to continue academic growth, as well as strong personal connections. We meet different student needs and provide a variety of opportunities for interaction, including daily real-time morning meetings, direct instruction, asynchronous assignments, optional enrichment activities and one-on-one interaction. Students have been using a variety of tools to collaborate and demonstrate learning. We encourage technology skills at a young age, but also include non-tech learning and creative projects they can do at home with their families. See how one of our students made a chapter summary into a puppet show.


We utilize a combination of video conferencing, collaboration among students, independent learning, and morning meetings to stay connected. Students and teachers also schedule individual online meetings as needed. Students have a daily class schedule with new concepts and content to keep them interested, on-task and engaged. Parents and students receive weekly emails on personal progress. See how hands-on learning continues at home with projects that demonstrate depth of knowledge and creativity.

Upper School

Students thrive on the relationships they build with our teachers. That connection continues in distance learning through video conferencing, virtual office hours and individual attention. Deep discussions are still occurring, thoughtful questions are being asked, and the expectation remains high. Our students are learning more than curriculum; they are learning valuable skills about organization, motivation, focus, creativity and resourcefulness.