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Register now for Spring 2019 Laker Playgroup. This hands-on play group meets on Wednesdays starting January 23 through May 15 from 9-11 a.m.

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The ULS Fine Arts Department will perform “Guys and Dolls” February 15-17 and 26-28. Tickets go on sale Friday, December 21.

Personal Tours are also available any time. Contact Mrs. Angie Wenger, Director of Admissions at (262) 367-6011, ext. 1455 or to schedule a tour.

Current Community Events

Our alumni have conquered academics, adventures, leadership, volunteerism and entrepreneurship. In short, they have conquered the globe.

Here are just a few of our success stories.

Matt Saiia

Matt Saiia ’93

Matt came to ULS in 4th grade after public school teachers told his parents he needed decelerated learning courses to accommodate his dyslexia. Instead of slowing him down, ULS encouraged Matt to thrive in every arena: academics, art, theater, soccer, student government, yearbook and student mentoring programs. As a mentor, Matt learned the basic tools of facilitation, which he eventually used to create Collective Next, a global company that helps businesses use the power of collaboration to solve their most complex challenges.

ULS became a place that gave me a chance. Outside of ULS, I would have been pushed aside and forgotten, or I would have been coddled. At ULS, I learned to be open and expansive about how I think – it’s about more than just the right answer. My teachers never underestimated me; they demanded more of me than I did of myself. They engaged me where I was and helped me get better where I needed to improve. I was learning beyond the classroom and I had the freedom to make up my own thing. Now, I’m able to integrate all of these ways of thinking into my world.”

Gabe Foster

Gabe Foster ’12

Gabe Foster came to ULS as a freshman, after considering offers from nearly every college preparatory school in Wisconsin. He chose ULS for its student-to-teacher ratio, unmatched academic rigor and unique extracurricular opportunities. By his junior year, Gabe was taking courses at a local college. He compiled an impressive list of academic and extracurricular achievements, including being named a National Merit Scholar and participating in skiing, basketball, tennis, chess club and concert choir. Gabe also starred in leading roles in both theater and musical productions, and even dominated in our all-school Green and White competition as Green Team Captain.

“I’m going to Caltech, perhaps the most rigorous university in the world, and I have no fears because ULS challenged me in a way that will allow me to excel. They’ve taught me to compete with myself, and how to push my standards higher and higher. ULS has really made me into the well-rounded person I am today.”

Sapna Morris

Sapna Bamrah Morris, MD ’91

Sapna Bamrah Morris came to ULS in 7th grade seeking an academic challenge. She got just that – and more. Her experience started with a civics class that allowed her and her classmates to choose their course of study (South African politics with a focus on Apartheid) and ended with her spearheading a student volunteer program at The Gathering, an organization that feeds the hungry in Milwaukee. This program still exists today with our students. During her time at ULS, Sapna was involved in field hockey, basketball, musicals, choir and student government while serving as White Team Captain.

“In the smaller environment at ULS, everyone had to chip in and play their part, and we had really wonderful role models for that. When I expressed an interest in serving at The Gathering, nothing like that existed. But at ULS, when you express an interest, you immediately have someone there to encourage you. I wouldn’t have gotten that in a larger school environment. There was an overriding theme that we were always encouraged to push the envelope. Just because it doesn’t exist doesn’t mean it can’t happen. ULS supported not only innovative thinking and initiative in academics, but also in other aspects of our lives.”

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