Current Community Events

Register now for Spring 2019 Laker Playgroup. This hands-on play group meets on Wednesdays starting January 23 through May 15 from 9-11 a.m.

Register today.

The ULS Fine Arts Department will perform “Guys and Dolls” February 15-17 and 26-28. Tickets go on sale Friday, December 21.

Personal Tours are also available any time. Contact Mrs. Angie Wenger, Director of Admissions at (262) 367-6011, ext. 1455 or to schedule a tour.

Current Community Events


Exceptional Faculty
Our faculty brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our students. Of our nearly 50 faculty members, 65 percent have master’s degrees or Ph.D.s in their chosen fields. Plus, 80 percent have taught for more than 10 years, giving our teachers an uncommon depth of expertise.

Leadership Team

Ron Smyczek – Head of School

> Video: Meet Mr. Smyczek


Tim Horner – Head of Administration + Varsity Soccer Coach

> Video: Meet Mr. Horner


Adri Hollenbeck – Lower School Head + Director of Technology

> Video: Meet Mrs. Hollenbeck


Liz McSorley – Middle School Head

> Video: Meet Mrs. McSorley


Angie Wenger – Director of Admissions



Jenni Becker – Director of Marketing



Shellie Javier – Director of Communications



Ms. Danielle Nelson – Director of Advancement

> Video: Meet Ms. Nelson


Jen Cavin – Junior Kindergarten 3

> Video: Meet Ms. Cavin


Lindsay Sandstrom – Junior Kindergarten 3

> Video: Meet Mrs. Sandstrom


Laura Dralle – Junior Kindergarten 4

> Video: Meet Mrs. Dralle


Cathy Wilkowski – Junior Kindergarten 4

> Video: Meet Mrs. Wilkowski


Kristi Booth – Senior Kindergarten 5

> Video: Meet Mrs. Booth


Sarah Thomas – Senior Kindergarten 5

> Video: Meet Mrs. Thomas


Maddie Olson – Music

> Video: Meet Ms. Olson

Middle School

Liz McSorley – Middle School Head, 5th Grade Language Arts

> Video: Meet Mrs. McSorley


Joe Hardgrove – 5th Grade Math, Science + Social Studies

> Video: Meet Mr. Hardgrove


Carolyn Meler – 6th Grade Math, Science + 8th Grade Algebra

> Video: Meet Mrs. Meler


Jen Putnam – 6th Grade Language Arts, Social Studies + 9th Grade English

> Video: Meet Mrs. Putnam


Cathy Debbink – 7/8th Grade Math, Science + 8th Grade Algebra 2

> Video: Meet Ms. Debbink


Allie Reeder – 7/8th Grade Language Arts

> Video: Meet Mrs. Reeder


Courtney Hudson – 7/8th Grade Social Studies

> Video: Meet Mrs. Hudson


Maddie Olson – 5/6th Grade Music

> Video: Meet Ms. Olson


Nicole Skowronski – 7/8th Grade Music

> Video: Meet Ms. Skowronski


Robynn Horner – 5/6th Grade Spanish

> Video: Meet Mrs. Horner


Barbara Landa – 7/8th Grade Spanish

> Video: Meet Ms. Landa


Scot Plier – 5/6th Grade Art

> Video: Meet Mr. Plier


David Bielot – 7/8th Grade Art



Nancy Bicha-Dale —  Theatre Teacher Emeritus




John Doherty – Physical Education

> Video: Meet Mr. Doherty



Upper School

Mark Bronner – Algebra, Geometry, Statistics + AP Calculus

> Video: Meet Mr. Bronner


Tara Finch – Anatomy/Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, AP Chemistry + Interact Service Club Facilitator

> Video: Meet Ms. Finch


Tim Flaherty – Upper School Dean, U.S. History, World History, AP Euro, AP U.S. History + Varsity Cross Country and Track and Field Coach

> Video: Meet Mr. Flaherty


John Fritzke – Economics, Environmental Science, Criminal Justice, Algebra 2 + Pre-Calculus



Kirsten Huberty – Physics + AP Physics

> Video: Meet Mrs. Huberty


Courtney Hudson – World Literature

> Video: Meet Mrs. Hudson


Barbara Landa – Spanish 1

> Video: Meet Ms. Landa


Ann Mocchi – Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish 4/5 + AP Spanish

> Video: Meet Ms. Mocchi


Dr. Patrick Mulrooney – American Literature, Composition, AP English Composition + AP Literature

> Video: Meet Mr. Mulrooney


Allie Reeder – Contemporary Literature

> Video: Meet Mrs. Reeder


Mike Dolan – College Counseling + Leadership



Joe Niemczyk – College Counseling + Leadership



Nicole Skowronski – Chamber Choir + Concert Choir

> Video: Meet Ms. Skowronski


David Bielot – Introduction to Art, Studio Art, Portfolio Art + AP Portfolio Art



Nancy Bicha-Dale – Theatre Teacher Emeritus




John Doherty – Physical Education, Health + Varsity Volleyball, Women’s Basketball and Golf Coach

> Video: Meet Mr. Doherty


Jenny Andersen – Lower School Administrative Assistant



Danny Ehnert – Athletic Director

> Video: Meet Mr. Ehnert


Jeanne Flesch – Middle School Administrative Assistant



Beth Gibbs – Assistant to the Head of School



Katie Milella – Director of Stay, Study and Play



Gail Staniszewski – Business Office Assistant

> Video: Meet Mrs. Staniszewski


Val Warshauer – Institutional Advancement + Alumni Relations



Peter Humphreys-Loving – School Counselor

> Video: Meet Mr. Humphreys-Loving


Lori Eckert – Academic Support Specialist



Jennifer Bennett – Laker Playgroup Facilitator



Dar Bicha-Dale – Technology Specialist



Carl Reinemann – Facilities


Chris Buday – Leader of Facilities