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Register now for Spring 2019 Laker Playgroup. This hands-on play group meets on Wednesdays starting January 23 through May 15 from 9-11 a.m.

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The ULS Fine Arts Department will perform “Guys and Dolls” February 15-17 and 26-28. Tickets go on sale Friday, December 21.

Personal Tours are also available any time. Contact Mrs. Angie Wenger, Director of Admissions at (262) 367-6011, ext. 1455 or to schedule a tour.

Current Community Events


The Lower School, or Elementary School, is comprised of 1st through 4th grades and is held in the Manegold Building. Watch the video below to see our unique approach to learning.

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Challenging Academics

ULS elementary school student

Academics in the Lower School are part of a dynamic elementary school curriculum guided by a detailed scope and sequence plan. Teachers help students develop mastery of traditional fact- and process-based standards within the context of student-led projects. When students delve into something that has sparked their interest, there is a much greater depth and quality to the study. As a result of this approach, ULS students’ reading and writing abilities are an average of two grade levels above national standards.

In addition, ULS supports key curriculum components including:

  • A systematic grammar program starting in 1st grade
  • Spanish class starting in JK3 through 12th grade
  • Keyboarding in 2nd grade
  • Cursive writing in 2nd grade

As you walk through the Manegold Lower School, you will see a plethora of unique projects on display. Models, inventions, photographs, sculptures, charts, essays, pottery and more are proudly showcased throughout the hallways and classrooms. In viewing these impressive works, it is apparent that ULS students apply what they learn in creative and thoughtful ways. The displayed work shows how ULS teachers motivate our students to fully engage in the academic content.


Elementary school students at ULS

The pattern of researching, creating and presenting is repeated throughout each grade in the Lower School. In 1st through 3rd grade, independent study projects progress in complexity and sophistication, culminating in 4th grade with a “Magnum Opus” or “Great Work” project. ULS 4th graders select a topic of their choice and research independently for the entire semester. Students are expected to use a variety of different resources and mediums to make their investigations as thorough as possible. They then create a final presentation to give to teachers, students and peers. Lower School students advance to the Middle School with strong independent thinking skills, creating the foundation for higher level applications in the classroom.


Elementary school students in classroom

Elementary school classes begin each day with a morning meeting in which students take turns with a variety of responsibilities, including leading the meeting. Students are encouraged to exhibit leadership skills in response to the greater community. For example, after learning about the Nepal earthquake, our 2nd graders created rock art to sell during their lunch hour and donated all of the proceeds to disaster relief. ULS students are empowered to take the lead and make things happen.



A myriad of hands-on learning activities are integrated into our students’ daily experiences. These hands-on activities can be as simple as an SK class collecting sticks and leaves from the ULS woods and organizing them in a fashion that teaches differentiation, categorization and labeling. As students progress, the hands-on activities become more elaborate. For example, students design and build a Native American dwelling for an overnight stay. This activity incorporates cultural studies, engineering, organizational skills and teamwork skills into an engaging learning experience. Students quickly become accustomed to being active participants in their own learning. The content the students learn is relevant and meaningful to them because of the depth of their participation.

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