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Laker Playgroup is an educational playgroup for toddlers ages 18 months to 3 years.

Activities include art, music, Spanish and nature exploration. Each class meets in our specially designed preprimary spaces, where parents and toddlers can explore, create and discover together. Laker Playgroup is a stepping-stone that prepares your child for the JK3 experience.

Our JK3 program now offers 2, 3 and 5 day options. Please view the schedule HERE.




Current Community Events

University Lake School is a college preparatory school that delivers an incomparable education driven by high standards and a unique approach to learning.

Our dynamic and rigorous curriculum challenges the whole student by integrating innovative academic, leadership, athletic, artistic and service learning experiences within a vibrant and joyful community.


Our philosophy

University Lake School does not just create 100% college accepted students at highly competitive universities. Our belief is that every student has untapped brilliance that simply needs to be cultivated. At ULS, we exist to bring out that individual brilliance. With award-winning faculty, an intimate learning environment and a belief in shaping the unique gifts of students, ULS is more than just challenging academics. Here, curiosity is rewarded, academia is expressed in and out of the classroom and students have the opportunity to engage across a wide range of extracurricular activities on a stunning 180 acre campus. What we really teach at ULS is the power of resourcefulness and the ability for students to shape their destiny by putting their education in their own hands.

At ULS, we bring out brilliance.

Our approach to learning

We promote authentic learning through student-led research, publishing and presentation across our curriculum. Student and teacher voices combine to bring learning and conversations to life.

We continually challenge our students through a college preparatory design that incrementally raises the level of structure and rigor across academic divisions.

Personal Attention
ULS students thrive as a result of the individualized attention they receive in our classrooms.

Character-Building Leadership Opportunities
Team-building activities and service projects – inside and outside of the ULS community – instill solid character traits that last a lifetime.

Integrated Learning
Students build upon their academic knowledge and are challenged to apply their understanding to new situations. Our curriculum integrates fine arts, foreign language, technology and physical education across all divisions.

Outdoor Learning
Our incomparable 180 acre campus is the ultimate outdoor classroom. From forest studies and nature observation to tapping maple trees, students in all grade levels experience learning through nature.


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