Current Community Events

Home to Hawk Hill Alumni Reunion and Homecoming – October 6th & 7th

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Personal Tours are also available any time.  Contact Deb Smith, Director of Admissions at (262) 367-6011 x 1455 or to schedule a tour.

Laker Playgroup is a fun, educational playgroup facilitated by the same master educators who teach at ULS. Activities include art, music, Spanish and nature exploration. For children ages 18 months to 3 years.

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Current Community Events


Exceptional Faculty
Our faculty brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our students. Of our nearly 50 faculty members, 65% have master’s degrees or PhDs in their chosen fields. Plus, 80% have taught for more than 10 years, giving our teachers an uncommon depth of expertise.

Leadership Team

Ron Smyczek – Head of School + Advanced Chemistry



 Tim Horner – Head of Administration + Varsity Soccer Coach



Adri Hollenbeck – Lower School Head + Director of Technology



Liz McSorley – Middle School Head



Deb Smith – Director of Admissions



Jenni Becker – Director of Marketing



Jen Costa – Director of Communications



Danielle Nelson – Director of Advancement



Danny Ehnert – Athletic Director



Jen Cavin – Junior Kindergarten 3



Lindsay Sandstrom – Junior Kindergarten 3



Laura Dralle – Junior Kindergarten 4



Cathy Wilkowski – Junior Kindergarten 4



Kristi Booth – Senior Kindergarten 5



Sarah Thomas – Senior Kindergarten 5



Maddie Olson – Music


Lower School

Ann Zakszewski – 1st Grade



Rebecca Tiffany – 1st Grade



Anne Mass – 2nd Grade



Leslie Peterson – 2nd Grade



 Sarah Archer – 3rd Grade



Pete Wilson – 4th Grade



Maddie Olson – Music



Robynn Horner – Spanish



Scot Plier – Art



Pam Bisbee – Physical Education + Varsity Tennis Coach


Middle School

Liz McSorley – 5th Grade Language Arts



Joe Hardgrove – 5th Grade Math, Science + Social Studies



Carolyn Meler – 6th Grade Math, Science + 8th Grade Algebra



Jen Putnam – 6th Grade Language Arts, Social Studies + 9th Grade English



Cathy Debbink – 7/8th Grade Math, Science + 8th Grade Algebra 2



Allie Reeder – 7/8th Grade Language Arts



Courtney Hudson – 7/8th Grade Social Studies



Maddie Olson – 5/6th Grade Music



Nicole Skowronski – 7/8th Grade Music



Robynn Horner – 5/6th Grade Spanish



Barbara Landa – 7/8th Grade Spanish



Scot Plier – 5/6th Grade Art



David Bielot – 7/8th Grade Art



David Valdes – 7/8 Grade Theatre



John Doherty – Physical Education



Upper School

Mark Bronner – Algebra, Geometry, Statistics + AP Calculus



Tara Finch – Anatomy/Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, AP Chemistry + Interact Service Club Facilitator



Tim Flaherty – US History, World History, AP Euro, AP US History + Varsity Cross Country and Track and Field Coach



John Fritzke – Economics, Environmental Science, Criminal Justice, Algebra 2 + Pre-Calculus



Courtney Hudson – World Literature



Barbara Landa – Spanish 1



Ann Mocchi – Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish 4/5 + AP Spanish



Patrick Mulrooney – American Literature, Composition, AP English Composition + AP Literature



Allie Reeder – Contemporary Literature



Nate Smith – Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus + Physics



Mike Dolan – College Counseling + Leadership



Joe Niemczyk – College Counseling + Leadership



Nicole Skowronski – Chamber Choir + Concert Choir



David Bielot – Introduction to Art, Studio Art, Portfolio Art + AP Portfolio Art



David Valdes – Theatre Director



John Doherty – Physical Education, Health + Varsity Volleyball, Women’s Basketball and Golf Coach


Jenny Andersen – Lower School Administrative Assistant



Jeanne Flesch- Middle School Administrative Assistant



Beth Gibbs – Assistant to the Head of School



Gail Staniszewski – Business Office Assistant



Val Warshauer – Institutional Advancement + Alumni Relations



Peter Humphreys-Loving – School Counselor



Deb Doherty – Academic Support Specialist



Lori Eckert – Academic Support Specialist



Sue Manne – Academic Support Specialist



Julie Wold – Academic Support Specialist



Jennifer Bennett – Laker Playgroup Facilitator



Lisa Bienkowski – Stay, Play and Study Program Coordinator



Dar Bicha-Dale – Technology Specialist



Carl Reinemann – Facilities


Chris Buday – Facilities